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Cox’s Bazar Travel| Map, Hotel, Restaurant, Food…

Cox’s Bazar is the longest sea beach over the world. It is popular mostly for its long natural sandy beach.

It is the best tourist place for swimming and relaxation. It is totally safe place for tourists. This is a place where you can visit all over the year. Also there several places like Himchori, Inani Beach, Kolatoli Beach etc. If you have time and plan, you may Also visit Saint Martin Island from there

Location And Map of Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar is a city, fishing port, tourism center, and district headquarters in southeastern Bangladesh. It is located 150 km south of the city of Chittagong.
The city covers an area of 23.4 km2 with 27 mahallas and 9 wards and as of 2011 had a population of 265,500. Cox’s Bazar is connected by road and air with Chittagong.

Map of Cox’s Bazar:

Best Time to Visit in Cox’s Bazar:

The best time to visit Cox’s Bazar is November 19th to March with a perfect temperature varying between 25°C (77°F) and 29°C (84.2°F), and scarce rainfall.

Cox’s Bazar Weather:

In January and February:
January and February are warm winter months with an average low of 15°C (59°F) and an average high of 28°C (83°F).

In March and April:
In Cox’s Bazar, these two months are tropical months, with average temperature varying between 20.7°C (69.3°F) and 30.9°C (87.6°F).

The perfect water temperature of 26.5°C (79.7°F) with 34.7mm (1.37″) of accumulated rainfall and only 3 rainfall dia’s, makes a great period for swimming and other water activities.

In May and June:
These months are hot period in Cox’s Bazar, with an average temperature ranging between max 32.3°C (90.1°F) and min 25.1°C (77.2°F).

In July and August:
It is another hot period in Cox’s Bazar, with average temperature fluctuating between 25°C (77°F) and 30.2°C (86.4°F).

In September and October:
September is the first month of Autumn and it is also the hot period in Cox’s Bazar, with average temperature fluctuating between 24.3°C (75.7°F) and 31.6°C (88.9°F).

In November and December:
November is the last month of Autumn and another tropical month of Cox’s Bazar, with average temperature fluctuating between 30°C (86°F) and 21.1°C (70°F). And  December is the first month of the Winter but it still a warm month in Cox’s Bazar.

How to Go to Cox’s Bazar:

By Air:
Inside Flights in Bangladesh are conducted by Biman Bangladesh Airlines ( and UBD ( Costs around $50-430$ and takes 3hr. These are cheap, most of the routers are served at least two or three times a week.

By Road:
The Cheapest Way to get Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is by bus which costs around $30 to $34 and takes 11hr 40m.

Best Things to Do in Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar has the world’s longest continuous beach. There are many options & Laboni point, Sugandha, Inani Beach, Kolatoli beach are among the popular ones that you can enjoy the best and experience lot of things. Many shops are selling knickknacks, jewelry made of a seashell. Many sellers are selling delicious seafoods. You can also experience parasailing and jet skiing.

Marine Drive Cox’s Bazar:

the marine drive has a view of the sea and the other side has a view of the hills. This wonderful experience will make anyone forget about all the worries of daily life.

Himchori Waterfall and Hill Track:

Only 8km from Cox’s Bazar city, you can enjoy both the sea and mountain at the same place, then Himchori is the perfect place.

Darianagar Caves Cox’s Bazar:

It is near Himchori, Coxs Bazar. There is a cave worth visiting. You can view the sunset from the top.

Cox’s Bazar Foods:

Cox’s Bazar is also very famous for its food options. Poushee and Jhaubon are highly recommended by foodies. one amazing thing is you can choose among a various range of fishes displayed in the aquariums. there is also Handi, KFC, and Mermaid Cafe.

Ramu, Cox’s Bazar:

Ramu is a 16km village in Cox’s Bazar. It has displays of precious stones, a huge bronze statue of 100 Feet Buddha.

Moheshkhali, Cox’s Bazar:

Another historic adventure can be Moheshkhali Island, situated on the coast of Cox’s Bazar. There are lots of things to experience, lies the temple of Adhinath, dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, there is a Buddhist Pagoda, displaying interesting Buddhist traditional items.

Saint Martin, Cox’s Bazar:

Saint Martin’s island is rich in marine life. The surrounding coral reef of the island has an extension named Chera Dweep. The nights at Saint Martin Island are calm and quiet with gentle murmurs of the coconut trees swaying with the winds coming from the bay. The moonlit night on the island provides an unearthly peaceful and majestic experience. Last but not least, eateries here offer BBQ dinner with fresh marine fish or lobsters.
If you’re looking for things to do in Cox’s Bazar, you may check out online and discover that there are actually lots of enjoyable activities taking place each and every single day. Overall, you’ll have a great time exploring Cox’s Bazar with your friends, families, or a group of people each time visiting there.

Top 5 Luxurious Hotels in Cox’s Bazar:

1. Long Beach Hotel:

Long Beach Hotel is a 14-minute walking distance from Cox’s Bazar beach and 3 kilometers from Cox’s Bazar Airport.There are lots of facilities available and it’s also kids friendly, So you can stay easily with your loving kid

2. Grace Cox Smart Hotel:

It is 2.4km from Center of Coxs Bazar. They are provides so many facilities. The hotel is located close proximity to the Sughandha sea beach Point. Its a kidds friendly hotel

3. Hotel Prime Park:

This hotel is situated 9km from famous waterfall Himchori. 9-minute walking distance from Kolatoli Beach and 29-minute from Cox’s Bazar Airport.

4. Hotel Exotica Sampan:

Across the street from a sandy beach toward the Bay of Bengal, this hotel is 7km from Cox’s Bazar Airport and 8 km from Himchari National Park and 6km from Coxs Bazar airport.

  • Contact Number: 02-51063998
  • Address: Marine Drive, Road, Coxs Bazar 4701
  • E-mail:
  • Official Website:
  • Google Map: Click Here To Visit Website

5. Windy Terrace Boutique Hotel:

It is absloutely amazing hotel with a Bar. The hotel is situated 3km from Coxs Bazar airport.

Top 5 Hotels Under Your Budget in Cox’s Bazar:

1. Sayeman Beach Resort:

From Sugandha beach 7-minute walk, Katoli Beach 8minute walk and from Coxs Bazar 28minute Drive.

2. Laguna Beach Hotel And Resort:

The best facilities hotels in Coxs Bazar. 3km from airport. 24hr Room facilities.

3. Hotel Water Orchid:

This is a 2-star hotel, but simple gorgeous. It has a Restaurant, Lounge, and a beautiful garden.

  • Contact Number: 01612-711900
  • Address: Plot 25, Block C, Kolatoli Road, Coxs Bazar 4700
  • Email:
  • Official Website:
  • Google Map: Click Here to Visit Google Map

4. Sea Welcome Resort:

Here you can spend some wonderful quality times, with 24 hour Room service, And front desk. It has a Wonderful Garden.

5. Hotel Sea Alif:

Its waling distance 13minute from Kolatoli Beach and from Coxs Bazar Airport distance 4km.

Seafood of Cox’s Bazar:

Cox’s Bazar best sea foods.

For Cox’s Bazar tour, you must have experience with seafoods like Butterfly cut Grilled King prawn, Lime Prawn, Calamari Rings, Grilled Lobster, Baked Lobster, Lobster with Pasta, Grilled Red Snapper, Baked Red Snapper, Cajun Baked Red Snapper, Cajun Steamed Red snapper, Grilled Pomfret, Baked Pomfret, Cajun Baked Pomfret, Fried Pomfret, Prawn Malai Curry, Stuffed Potato With Prawn, Baked Crab, Crab Cake, Garlic Crab Linguini Pasta, Stuffed Potato With Tuna, Tuna With Pasta, etc.

Getting Around in Cox’s Bazar:

Cycle Rickshaws Ride In Cox’s Bazar: These Are plentiful, and the ride between the hotel-motel zone on the main road should cost Tk 12, though foreigners will have to fight hard for that price. Tk 15 is fair enough. The most bus depo of this place is found a couple of kilometers east of the central town area which takes around 15-20 minutes to the middle with a CNG rickshaw.

Get Tips Before Visiting Cox’s Bazar:

  • Cox’s Bazar is a popular place. So try to avoid environmental pollution.
  • If you want to take pictures then verify the ID card of these beach photographers.
  • Cox’s Bazar is very secluded at night. It’s better not to leave at night. Be careful about stealing and harassment.
  • Don’t Drink alcohol in this place at Night. If you need to drink alcohol then go to some bar.
  • Be careful before getting to the Sea and definitely know when the tide is high.

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